Read what people have to say about Rex training. Below is a list of testimonials, comments and pictures from happy people with different body types and goals.

Dr. Gustav Huber | Dr. Gustav Huber, doctor of sports medicine and cardiologist, Social-Medical Centre, East - Danube Hospital :

As a doctor of sports medicine, with two state certificates in sports training. I considered that a personal trainer for my own fitness was unnecessary until - thank goodness - I met Rex. Even during the first session, I had to admit that my understanding of training practice and exercise models did not automatically mean that I could put this knowledge into practice. With Rex, I have a trainer who recognizes and helps me to eradicate my day-to-day weaknesses and reach defined goals effectively. The tailor-made exercises he devises meet exactly the standards of how healthy training should be: learning how to stand, learning how to run, and then learning how to fly!!!


Margarete Fastnacht | Margarete Fastnacht, Anaesthetist Nurse, Vienna General Hospital

The initial pain in my right shoulder began in December 2006, when I reached for an object higher than my shoulder. Later movements at shoulder height soon became impossible without pain. A constant pain arose during the following weeks even when my arm was motionless. On turning over in my sleep, the pain would wake me up because when I lay on my side the pain was intensified. I took anti-rheumatic and other medicines to protect my stomach. The mobility of my shoulder was so limited that it was no longer possible to keep my arms crossed behind my head nor could I rest my right elbow on the floor when I lay down. Fastening and unfastening my bra was extremely painful. The ten physiotherapy sessions, including a series of physiotherapeutic exercises that I did regularly for weeks, did not help. My hitherto weekly yoga sessions with a trainer were agony and the pain in the shoulder unbearable. My quality of life was significantly diminished. The medical diagnosis was impingement syndrome of the right shoulder. Despite my fear of infection and damaging the tendons in my shoulder, I subjected myself to a local anaesthetic and cortisone treatment. This soothed the pain for a while. I consulted another doctor, a specialist in shoulders, to obtain a second opinion. That was in July 2007. Then I contacted an osteopath, who wanted to use a Myofascial Release Technique to release the constriction and hardening of shoulder muscles and connective tissue. After ten sessions, I had very little relief from the pain. Also my home training programme, which I had been doing on my own initiative for months, was of little use. From October 2007 I began to feel increasing pain in my left shoulder also. This time the pain did not arrive so abruptly however I was rather desperate. The left shoulder became increasingly stiff. This time the diagnosis was Shoulder Contraction/Frozen Shoulder. That was in January 2008. My orthopaedist talked of mobilizing the shoulder under anaesthetic and, as a further step, an operation. I was quite frantic because the pain was now radiating into the lower arms and the right and left thumbs were becoming arthritic. This development too was treated with a series of cortisone injections. I was registered in a Fitness Club but did not go there because I was afraid that the machines would harm my muscles and ligaments. I gradually realised that I would have to work on my arms with weights to stretch and build up the muscles. In January 2008, I took the best trainer in the club, you dear Rex. You have helped me so much: through your gentle and well-planned training, my pain vanished and until today has not returned. My muscles became stronger and the joints and ligaments strengthened and stretched.


Bernd Schlacher |   Enterpreneur (restaurants Motto, Halle etc.)

I have been working in the catering business for 25 years. Two years ago, I began experiencing intense pain in the lower back. When the pain became unbearable, I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon. An X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging revealed that the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae hardly existed and I was losing synovial fluid. The surgeon wanted to operate immediately. I said NO. After that, I consulted other doctors, had a stay in hospital and then I met Rex, the trainer. He recognized my problem and explained that my stomach and back muscles needed strengthening. At the beginning it was quite difficult for me to build up my weak back, stomach and leg muscles. However, through Rex I have learned to walk "tall again" again, to put my shoulders back and to run properly. Now after over a year, I feel good, my back hardly hurts and I go running three times a week.


Katharina Stemberger / Actor                                                                                                                                                                                        

I come from a family of musicians for whom sport was not important. At first I had to force myself to do sports. When I am filming, I am not allowed to do such sports as skiing, riding or diving in case I injure myself. I go to a Fitness Centre and since Spring I have taken up running so that I keep trim. Rex is a great help and motivator. He challenges me but he does not overdo it. 

Mag. Beate Glück / Lawyer                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Actually I was never really interested in sport. My chief motivation in going to a Fitness studio was to keep slim. And so for years I would train for a couple of months and then stop for half a year. Rex picked me up where I was and devised the perfect plan: it was not a case of "no results can be expected without training three times a week", or a standard programme for the unfit, rather just a relaxed practising of movements that challenged me but were do-able. The results were astonishing. I have a much better posture, my body shape is better trained and more flexible, but what surprises me most is that I have developed a ‘sporty side' which makes me. Meanwhile I train twice a week and now take part in activities I would not do before like; a sponsored business run, and look forward to taking part.

Susan Katzmann, English Coach 

Two years ago, in panic, I joined a fitness centre to do something about my scoliosis, and had the great good fortune to be assigned to Rex. After a few sessions with him, my aches and pains diminished and I began feeling better. Newly discovered muscles were beginning to support my curved spine again. Rex is not only a superb athlete but a good sport as well. He has great patience, insight and unfailing good humour. He gets genuine pleasure from helping people - whatever their ability, difficulty, size or age - to follow a structured programme that he devises to meet their needs and improve their state of health and quality of life. And it works!