Keeping fit is not just a "fad", but a way of life

Whether you want to slim down, tone up, have more energy for work or your family, or just look good and feel better "Rexercise"is here to help!

With a Rex Gym/Personal Training workout or Boot Camp, I want to exercise your options: from cross training to cycling, jogging to running, body weight to external weight, personal training to group training and much more. I offer options in an environment  that will make you feel at home, no matter what your current fitness level may be.

I am:

  • Up-to-date on "Biomechanics," a combination of several diffrent areas of study. This would include anatomy and physiology, kinematics (the study of motion without regards to it`s causes), kinesiology (the study of human movement) and kinetics (the study of forces acting on a system).
  • "Functional Training," the way the body is 'engineered' to move in everyday life based on individual limitations and capabillities, focusing on a proper position of the cervical, thoraxic and the lumbar spine/ vertebral and all prime movers during exercise.
  • Helping clients to archieve or maintain stable core/ core strength - the ability to control and stabilize force, not produce force. The core is a foundation of strength, speed, power, agility and quickness. But mobility comes first.
  • Teach and educate clients, gradually going through every fitness level, i.e neuromuscular facilitation, muscular endurance, hypertrophy, strength and power.
  • Motivate clients living a better lifestyle with fitness.

Everyone wants immediate results if they could get them but it`s just not possible. Be quick but dont hurry!

Most gym goers are married to the scale. It´s either the scale or the mirror but neither can tell the whole story. If fitness and health were only about weight and keeping weight down, everyone could join the protein dieters and live happily ever after. Decreasing strenght, losing muscle and water, and slowly draining the body´s immune and endocrine functions, is a very likely result when we become a true believer in the scale and all that it proclaims. It only proclaims a number. You would think this would be obvious, but it isn`t. There is a lot more to the body than a number. If it were all about numbers we could simply choose the heaviest weight we could find, not worry how we moved it, and move it as many times as we could, expecting great results. Hopefully, this does not sound too familiar. While this might begin to give us a true measure of health and fitness. Stepping out into the great unknown and taking uncalculated risks with an unknown destination sounds great when you´re a teenager. Acting this way at any other time in your life is known by everyone else around you as a "crisis".

"We expect to get results very quickly when we focus and work hard. When we work hard without working smart, the result can be devastating."